Activities & Companions

The programme of daily activities at our home is specifically tailored to the wishes of residents. It’s all about building a sense of community in and around the home.

Our activities organiser draw on the interests of each individual and try to reflect their views and ideas.

We regularly organise visits by musicians and entertainers. We maintain a central database of talent which helps us ensure each organiser has access to the most enjoyable and popular acts.

We want our activity programme to have something for everyone, whether it is a pub quiz, a trip out of the home, or a visit by a local school or community group.

Activities programmes are of course optional. There will always be some residents who cannot take part in the full range of activities and others who simply don’t want to for whatever reason.

Those who prefer not to join in can still enjoy the company, conversation and practical help of a companion who will visit them in their room or elsewhere in the home, offering time to help with day-to-day tasks, pastimes and activities.

We want every resident to enjoy each day as fully as possible, regardless of their capabilities.

Each home has regular access to one of our four modern and well-equipped minibuses.  The professional drivers liaise with the residents to understand their preferences and provide access through half-day or full-day trips, which include packed-lunches, snacks, hot coffee and tea.