Housekeeping & Laundry

Residents rightly expect their bedrooms to be their own private space so our housekeepers discreetly and carefully clean en-suites and rooms including residents’ own pictures, ornaments and other personal items of property. Many residents build close relationships with their housekeeping team who can provide additional sociability and interest throughout the day.

Communal spaces such as lounges are also attended throughout the day ensuring that each home is clean fresh and odour-free at all times.

In-home laundry team make comfort and care their top priority as they ensure residents’ personal clothing, bed linen and towels are kept clean fresh and changed regularly.

In line with resident requests, personal clothing is carefully laundered, ironed, folded and returned to the resident’s room.

Housekeeping managers work closely with their teams to ensure everyone in each home has the right equipment and products.

We have recently invested in the very latest digital clothing labelling technology, which is a free service provided by the home to all residents.

These labels are applied without damaging even delicate garments, and ensures laundered clothing is returned to the resident quickly and accurately.

All of the housekeeping activities is backed by a thorough, ongoing audit process, undertaken by our housekeepers to maintain high standards across our home.